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  Grupo de Investigação em Aplicações Avançadas de Potência Pulsada
  Pulsed Power Advanced Applications Research Group

If the field of Pulse Power Science & Technology and Applications interests you, contact us!
In the meantime take a look to the current and past work:
At the Electrical Engineering Department of ISEL
Current PhD Degree Students:

  • João Mendes, “Hibrid Pulsed Modulator for Biomedical Applications – The use of Semiconductors and Transmission Lines”
  • Hiren Canacsinh, “High-Voltage Bipolar Pulsed Modulator based on Power Semiconductors – Analysis and operation optimization”
  • José Lopes, “High Current Ion Implanter Operation Optimization”
  • Luis Encarnação, “Multilevel Converter based on the Marx Generator Concept – Applications to the Power Network”

Current MSc Degree Students:

  • João Silva, “Modeling and assembling of a High Voltage High Frequency transformer for high power supplies”
  • João Santos, “Capacitor Charging Power Supply”
  • Nuno Miquelina, “Generic Control system for Power Converters based on FPGA”
  • António Cavaleiro, “Power Supply and Control system for a Geiger-Muller Detector”
  • Marco Rodrigues, “Resonant Circuit with Energy Recovery for the ISOLDE/CERN Modulator”
  • Carlos Caldeira, “High Voltage Pulsed Generator based on Magnetic Compression”

Past MSc Degree Students:

  • Hiren Canacsinh, “High Voltage Bipolar Pulsed Generator with Autonomous Supply of the Semiconductor switches Triggering”, July 2008
  • José Lopes, “Automation of a Particle Accelerator”, July 2007
  • Carlos Mendes, “Development of Active Photomultiplier Bases for Nuclear Spectroscopy”, January 2009
  • Nuno Ferrão, “Development of fast Discriminators for Nuclear Spectroscopy”, January 2009
  • Henrique Ribeiro, “Monitoring and Control of a Three-Phase Induction Motor from a Microcontroller”, January 2010
  • Sérgio Rebelo, “Operation Analysis of a High Voltage Bipolar Modulator based on PSPICE”,  January 2010
  • Eurco Gervásio, “Modeling and Assembling of a High Frequency Inverter for a High Voltage Power Supply”, November 2011
  • Carlos Araújo, “Operation Analysis of the Proposed ISOLDE/CERN Modulator based on PSPICE”, May 2012
  • Nuno Santos, “ Control of a High Voltage Bipolar Pulsed Generator from a Microcontroller”, January 2013
  • Tyrone Jorge, “Magnetic Press with Energy Recover for Molding and Cutting Al Tubes and Sheets”, March 2013

Past Licentiate Degree Students:

  • Pedro Costa and Hugo Costa, “Automation of a High Vacuum Evaporation Chamber”, September 2008
  • Pedro Carvalho and Armando Venâncio, “Pulsed Voltage Multiplier”, September 2008
  • Rudi Soares and Ivan Furtado, “Negative Voltage Multiplier for Photomultiplier Tubes”, April 2008
  • Élvio Freitas and André Paço, “Flyback Pulsed High Voltage Power Supply”, January 2007
  • Sérgio Costa, “Development of a Transistorize base for Gamma radiation Detector”, January 2006
  • Carlos Pina and Miguel Pereira, “Two Windings Pulsed Transformer – Modeling and Parameters Determination”, November 2005
  • Pedro Tavares, “Electronic Marx Generator”, December 2003
  • Hiren Canacsinh, “Mass Spectrometry Automation of a High Current Ion Implanter”, December 1999


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